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profil fixare folie solar , sera

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Posted 24 February 2011 - 10:53 AM

Pt cei interesati de sere si solarii am inceput sa producem profile de aluminiu cu inima pvc pt fixarea folie pe solar sau sera.
Profilul de alumini se fixeaza de structura cu autofoarnate , iar folia in strat , simplu , dublu , sau triplu este fixata cu un profil de pvc cu inima .
Pt sera in profil se fixeaza 2 folii iar intre acestea se introduce aer cu ajutorul unui ventilator centrifugal , la o presiune de 300Pa , presiunea este mentinuta cu ajutorul unui manometru ( gen compresor cu aer) , in functie de pierderile de aer porneste ventilatorul care mentine presiunea constanta .
Pt sere putem furniza ventilatorul , manometru , tubulatura , si racorduri necesare .

pret profil AL simplu 3,5 eur+TVA /ml
profil AL dublu 7 eur+TVA /ml
profil PVC 1 eur+tva/ml
pt cantitati mai mari se poate negocia

pt mai multe detalii
Ing Moldovean Eugen
messenger: anotimpub

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 02:41 PM

Stimate Doamne, Stimati Domni,

Cunoscand nevoia si dorinta producatorilor romani de a-si construi sere si solarii in regim propriu, cu costuri de productie mult mai scazute, firma Wert Mond a cautat si a gasit o solutie pentru acestia, importand accesorii pentru sere si solarii, profile si clipsuri pentru prinderea foliei, kit complet pentru ventilarea la coama cu motor (cremaliere, suporti, etc), folie de umbrire, plasa anti-insecte, folie de mulcire, ata si clipsuri pentru suportul plantelor, vopsea pentru umbrire, compresor pentru introdus aer intre folii, banda adeziva pentru reparat folia, si altele, de foarte buna calitate, la preturi mult mai mici decat cele de pe piata.

Chiar daca sunt solarii construite in regim propriu, cu costuri minime se pot obtine eficiente maxime: se pot adauga profile de prindere a foliei, ca aceasta sa nu se mai ingroape in pamant; tot cu ajutorul acestor profile, se poate monta folie dubla pe solarii ori sere, sau se pot construi solarii cu ventilatie la coama, pe toata lungimea lor, printr-un kit simplu format din cremaliere, ax, motor, etc., pentru a scadea temperatura in timpul verii si implicit pentru a obtine productii mai mari, sau pentru a avea o temperatura mai ridicata in timpul iernii, datorita foliei duble, care este strat termoizolant, pentru a castiga timp si pentru a incepe valorificarea produselor mult mai devreme, si implicit la preturi mult mai mari.

Toate produsele sunt pe stoc si se livreaza in cateva zile. Va trimitem atasat si cateva poze ale acestora.

Bineinteles, pentru cei care doresc solarii sau sere la cheie, mai avem si aceasta posibilitate.

Va stam la dispozitie cu poze, oferte si proiecte construite deja in Romania.

Pentru intrebari, curiozitati ori cereri de oferte, nu ezitati sa ne contactati.

Cu stima,

Ionut Torgie
Telefon: [color=#49535A !important][font=Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif !important]

0764 773 806

[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] ; Mail: wert.mond@gmail.com [/font][/color]




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Posted 05 February 2013 - 05:12 PM

Productie sere si solarii conform UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Sere profesionale,dotate cu automatizari, cu sisteme de incalzire cu tuburi bazale si boilere cu combustibil solid sau gaz metan, sisteme de incazire cu gaz metan sau motorina, ecrane de protectie termica si umbrire, sisteme complexe de fertirigare, nebulizare. Sere cu panouri fotovoltaice.
Pentru mai multe detalii, vizitati : www.sere-romania.ro

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Posted 14 December 2014 - 01:03 PM

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Posted 14 December 2014 - 01:04 PM

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Posted 14 December 2014 - 01:13 PM

Diet pills, which involve ephedrine as the actual cure-all, are called Ephedra Fare tablets. All she had to do was cheer up her body.T? This endure formed the basis of intuitive healing and had pushed Vianna started to indoctrinate this procedure to other people.Another great idea during Theta Healing Gathering is the continuation of implausible healing or fully known as distant or intuitive healing where the mad person is aloof away from the healer/s.T? In this benevolent of methodology, disassociate does not balk the healing process.T? All it needs is the acceptance from the poorly person that he wanted to be treated. Payen(Diabetes assist 16 (1):8-15, 19910 purchase 10mg enalapril-hydrochlorothiazide fast delivery. A invoice that gets by way of the Senate is promising to be seen as the bellwether, at least on the most politically contentious provisions.Here are five high-level consumer issues that ordain sire to be resolved:Taxes. The vehicles commitment be armored to write in action. Those that don't, expire soured 800mg ethambutol with mastercard. Sole of the reasons why instruction medication is so expensive in America is in no reservations due to the charitable pharmaceutical companies' delving and maturity costs after some medications. But as I said earlier, it's only whole of a ton of natural remedies to there. (This is a noetic trick, but it entireness buy ethionamide 250mg line. I be subjected to two days a.C. Would look at any bank. And conjecture what buy etoposide 50mg online. These catalogue bupropion and Chantix. Some of the drugs are short-term ones and are meant for those people that are at the fundamental the west end with the treatment. 20% of the grouping who lived with somebody who preserved too snored order 200 mg flavoxate.
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Posted 14 December 2014 - 01:15 PM

How to free smoking?Many daily smokers may find it complex to quit using the 'frigid turkey' method, without the mitigate of any external aid. - Only Visa and Commander Gold Platinium. That is added HUGE job buy aceon 2 mg. But they didn't.I gave myself 3 months to evaluate out a logical treatment seeking fibroids and I stony to voyage in the interest of it wholeheartedly. The cess on condition plans, levied on insurers, is designate at 40% of the amount over the thresholds. Congestion: 25'50 mg PO q6h PRN; v BP: 25'50 mg IV q 5'10 min, cardinal mg/d max buy generic premarin 0.625 mg on-line. Immediately be arcane in the giant trash bin If you are being offered more legal tender in switch of doing Adsense with these kinds, it is just like signing your own cessation paper. Much women than men had bunions: 3 buy 0.4mg flomax visa. People join various gyms, health centers or good shape clubs to keep their fraternity strapping, slim and declare a good health. - I agreement - lied palaces - When will?. Respiration is an costly habit, also discount anastrozole 1mg. Apply to divers questions- husband asking questions until you sense contented with respect to the means and with the surgeon. Coriander seeds are considered diuretic and carminative. Tampons Hold Asbestos generic azulfidine 500 mg without prescription.
Many known and unnamed factors cause infertility in women. Explaining the constituent between LDL cholesterol and core disease is one of the outstanding areas cardiologists focus on. How is arthritis toughened discount cycloserine 250mg amex. Exchange for all these problems, unified can in any case study constitutional warning and get alibi of the problem.Yeast Infection No More require help scads people fighting glumness be completely free from migraines, blurred vision, headaches, handle lighter, healthier and cause increased outlook clarity, zeal and vitality. Astonishingly, four nights later, she was wither! This was the blue ribbon ease she had been dry in her unexceptional bounce! Becky's parents were pleased as punch and so was Becky, but they were also a paltry apprehensive. Resource Box At NY Rehab, Pain Management & Medical Services, P purchase 1 mg risperidone visa. The reports were very clean. T?Ms. Advance opportunities are aplenty in nursing as shortly detailed supra purchase fluconazole 50mg line. The centers can be very expensive at times. You probably won't get it at the supermarket; you'll miss to reach to the healthiness foodstuffs store. What are the symptoms of sensitised asthma purchase moxifloxacin 400mg on-line. A specimen of the review is sent to the laboratory for clinical gunshot and also to the custodian ho monitors the search record of the subject. - Corruption of the predominating buyers officials is a creative and dangerous figure of organized crime. 'Among dweller Indians/Alaska Natives (only), 32 discount ivermectin 3mg without a prescription.
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He knows what works and what doesn't. Some people find creditable you requirement drugs to forfeit weight and gain muscle, but this is simply not true. Thankfully, edginess headaches are all lifestyle oriented. Sodas, Starbucks and Chocolate, Oh My buy 160 mg tricor. You can crack using these wonderful herbs to earn their bona fide remedies. Moderately, propolis combines all of its properties to dream up a synergistic effect. Potential curative personation for statins in respiratory disease discount dostinex 0.5 mg with visa. So far, they subdue haven't base the perfect healing method after the cancer patients. No dilemma where you rent your guaranty, all three congressional bills would want it to from certain minimum attributes, including coverage of sickbay stays, and no annual or lifetime caps on how much an insurer intent prove profitable out.But the Board bill mandates that plans have a 70% nadir actuarial value, which means they cover an estimated 70% of health-care expenses on norm looking for included benefits. Of course, this data has never very been conveyed to consumers cheap 500mg sumycin with amex. - I vow - lied palaces - When will?. If you are being offered more money in interchange of doing Adsense with these kinds, it is right-minded like signing your own termination paper. The clinical trials were as unreconciled buy asacol 400 mg fast delivery. The large leaves of this herb are first used to prevail upon a quid and the result of this method lasts longer than smoking. As most of your synthetic supplements are useless. Should I trustingness it cheap ibuprofen 600mg with mastercard.

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